AIRBAG!! Service only to the Auto Repair Industry

  • Airbag resets
  • Airbag installation
  • Wiring harness repair and replacement
  • Interior removal and replacement
  • ABS brake and traction control diagnostics
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS) programming and calibration
  • Engine diagnostics
  • ECM, BCM, SRS, ABS, TPMS programming and flash programming
  • Pre and Post Scan
  • Programming Control Modules in Domestic and Asian Vehicles

AIRBAG!! Let us diagnose your airbags at your location.AT YOUR SERVICE
AIRBAG!! has been serving customers in the Northern California area since 1989. As airbags have evolved into an integral part of the automobile, we have continuously striven to keep up with those changes. With four service vehicles serving the area, we are working to provide solutions and service for our customers.

Call us toll-free from CA at 866-368-3274 or direct at 650-368-3274.
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Fax us at 800-613-2944.
Send mail to AIRBAG!!, PO BOX 489 Galt, CA 95632.

Dashboards are an integral part of the airbag system and often are changed with the bag.With all of the new features that are being introduced to automobiles we are continually updating test and repair equipment. Our most recent additions to our diagnostic ability are dealer level Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota and full level test and scanning for the complete Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, BMW, and Mercedes Benz product lines. To date we have invested over $165,000 in scan and test equipment and $20,000 in various programs, reference library, and special tools. Refresher courses for techs through I-Car help keep the technician grounded in the basics of electrical system testing and air bag service.

More bags in more locations.The more safety conscious we have become, the more we have demanded additional airbags in our cars. In addition to more bags, there are now whiplash protection headrests, force limiters on seat belts, and even airbags in the back package shelf of some models. This creates the need for more specialized services than ever before. Some airbag deployments involve the entire interior of the car from dash, roof, doors and seats. Always use a professional to service these safety systems.

We have the equipment, tools, techniques, and expertise to get your repairs done quickly and efficiently. We help you make more profit by keeping your employees doing what they do best. Auto Fidelity Group takes care of the "airbag hassle". No traveling to the dealer to drop the car or waiting two or three weeks for it to come back.

AIRBAG!! is fully insured. References with insurers and body shops can be provided. Call toll free in California 866-368-3274 or direct 650-368- 3274 for more information. You can also e-mail us at

Call us and we will come to your location and determine what parts are needed for a correct repair. We will show you what to order from your parts source or order them for you. YOU make the money on the parts, not us. We do not sell parts. After the parts arrive and the vehicle is ready we will return and repair the vehicle to factory specs. Our bill to you is based on Mitchell flat rates and is accepted by all major insurance companies.

We also service Tire Pressure Monitors, reset headrests and roll bars, calibrate seat sensors, program engine control modules and other ECUs in most vehicles. Many shops have us replace heater control vents and servos, remove dashes for access to needed body work or glass cleanup from vents and heater boxes after an accident.