Why An Airbag Business?

This is a typical disassembly.Supplemental Restraint Systems
In the late 1980s cars were starting to arrive at the dealerships with a new device called an airbag. Our business at that time was the repair of vandalized automobiles and the repair & replacement of dashboards and other interior items. Wiring harnesses and other electrical accessories were part of our daily repair routine as well. Check out How Stuff Works - Airbags for some background information.

Every detail is double checked.Troubleshooting
Our long history of working with body shops has made us into skilled troubleshooters. Finding that broken wire, resetting the engine controls, reprogramming windows, remote controls, and various other automated components. Using the latest scanners and the best reference software and printed manuals available and knowing how to use them make us a valuable tool for your company.

Wiring Repair
Whether it's a simple wire repair or a complete wire harness replacement. We are capable and ready to take the worry and hassle from your hands.

Ready to go home.Advice and Direction
We are always happy to come to your shop and help you identify what parts you need for any given repair dealing with SRS systems, wire or dashboard replacement. It's part of the service included with the job. If you're looking for parts, visit our friends at www.fivestarairbags.com.

Click here to see what Honda has to say about airbags.

AIRBAG!! is fully insured. References with insurers and body shops can be provided. Call toll free in California 866-368-3274 or 650-368-3274 for more information. You can also e-mail us at bagman@airbagrepair.net.