We are now offering shop the ability to comply with new repair standards that have be put in place by the majority of domestic and Asian auto manufacturers. A pre scan of all electronic systems with a report of any preexisting and crash related trouble codes and after a the repairs are completed a clearing of the codes and a post repair scan report. This service must be done by using a factory scan tool or information backed up by a vendor with the factory tools. With that service is also full programming of control modules of all types such as ECM, PCM, ABS, VSE and body control modules BCMs. The programming is done with the same tools used by the manufacturer and using the current software. Most of the time we are hooked up via the web with the manufacturers in order to provide the latest updates. For our customers on the Pre - Post scan program we also can program new keys and key fobs.

Insurance companies pay to have this done and we do it in a way that makes you money without needing to buy a device that "does most domestic and Asian" or have to hook up each car that comes to the shop one at a time and then wait 30 minutes to an hour for someone to tell you that they are ready for your tech to help them do the scan. We have a program where we will have a tech see a shop on a regular basis and be there when you need a pre or post scan. If we determine that you need to do more work we will point out the problems. If you would like us to take care of wiring , airbags, dashboard and more we still provide that service as well.